15 bloggers over 50 making their markWith millions of bloggers it’s no easy feat finding someone who speaks to you. That’s why we’ve probed and picked our way through the internet to unearth some truly inspiring and relatable bloggers, each proving that age is no barrier, one blog post at a time.

  1. Coming of age: When former SMH columnist, Adele Horin, announced her retirement in 2012 she certainly had no plans of slowing down. Her popular blog covers some of the most hotly debated issues among baby boomers today.
  2. That’s not my age: This former magazine fashion editor is out to prove that youth has nothing to do with style. Follow Alyson for her weekly beauty and fashion musings.
  3. The roaming boomers: When David turned 50, he and his wife sold their business and made plans to move to Arizona. Then the stock market collapse of 2008 wiped away 45% of their life savings. Instead of wallowing, the couple started a travel blog and reinvented themselves along the way.
  4. Curly traveller: Anja is an eccentric, quirky and honest blogger who divides her time between Singapore and the Netherlands. Her love for photography (and life!) is evident with every image.
  5. Grey fox blog: The Grey Fox, aka David Evans, asks, “how often do you see images of older men in fashion advertisements?” And with this sentiment, David, who has no formal experience in fashion, has set about turning the industry on its head.
  6. Retired and crazy: Great grandmother,Ann Cordiner travelled through five continents and 28 countries in two years, writing 146 blog entries along the way. We’re not sure if that makes her crazy or awe-inspiring.
  7. Fit body fifty: In 2008, just a few weeks shy of her 48th birthday, Kerryn Woods from Melbourne, donned a pair of high heels, a sheen bikini and an extra dab of fake tan to compete in a figure bodybuilding competition. She writes about her weight loss journey and new life as a 50-something personal trainer and food blogger.
  8. Great balls of wool: Based in London, Una has been knitting on and off for 50 years and lives for the next wool bargain. She offers free patterns and the occasional giveaway.
  9. Beyond midlife bloggers: Jane Gassner is a professional writer and editor who set about dedicating a blog to women 60 and beyond.
  10. Better than I ever expected: Just like the book, this blog, by ‘senior sexpert’ and author, Joan Price, leaves nothing to the imagination on the topic of sex and ageing.
  11. A baby boomer woman’s life after 50: Widowed at 50 and an empty nester shortly after, Judy’s blog offers a raw, yet optimistic and entertaining account of life after 50.
  12. Julia’s place: When Julia first retired from teaching in 2008 she suffered from anxiety, which she says, “was an opportunity for the demons to flood in.” Her rediscovery of cooking and community activities helped put her life back on track.
  13. Elaine Ambrose: This blogger and author (Menopause Sucks; Midlife Cabernet) attracted more than 678,000 web hits on Huffington Post after posting an embarrassing, yet hilarious account about the time she ‘farted during an MRI’.
  14. Gypsy nester: Just a couple of empty nesters having the time of their lives. Yes, really.
  15. Lavender and lovage: Karen is a freelance writer and recipe developer who shares her time between North Yorkshire and South West France. She is currently writing a cookbook based on her research into British food, customs and recipes.