The Couches of My Life

My parents owned one good set of furniture that lasted 40 years. After the first 20 years, my father had the couches recovered with leather so they would last longer. I didn’t have that same attachment to any sofa, and I’ve lost count of the good, bad, and ugly selections that have entered and departed […]

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The Compulsive Type

I have six old typewriters, and my Underwood No. 5 dates back to 1889, shortly before I was born. I was content with my collection until a friend shared a photograph on Facebook of a teapot shaped like an old typewriter. Without any self-control or deliberation, I ordered the wonderful piece even though it was […]

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My Five Truths and One Lie

I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, a writing exercise that involves writing a blog every day for the month of November. Yesterday a sassy group of midlife women bloggers wrote five facts and one lie about their lives and we had to guess which comment was the lie. Here are my comments and the revealed lie: I […]

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Truth with Some Consequencees

I can creatively transform the truth when necessary, and I suspect many of us are guilty of telling little white lies: “Oh, yes, you have the most beautiful baby in the world!” “Thank you for the gift of porcelain, laughing frogs. I’ll treasure them forever.” “Leaving so soon? We must visit again sometime.” I’ve told door-to-door […]

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To the Bad Dad in the Bleachers

Dear Bad Dad in the Bleachers, You are a bully. You stand and yell at your daughter as she plays in a basketball game, your fists are clenched, your face is distorted in rage. She is only 12-years-old, and your cruel actions break my heart. She’s doing her best to play for her team, and […]

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Have You Laughed 17 Times Today?

What’s with all the gloomy people walking around mumbling and complaining? Don’t they know that laughter is the best medicine? Boisterous laughter is the grand cure that causes your face to contort as you make guttural noises and your eyes water, your gut tumbles, and your mood improves. There is no down side to a […]

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Please Pass the Potatoes

Thanksgiving is next week and I’m not flummoxed about what to fix: I’m a true admirer of tradition so I’ll stuff a fresh turkey with dressing that contains only bread cubes, celery, butter, water chestnuts, and fresh herbs and spices. I’ll baste it with more butter as it roasts in the oven, and then I’ll […]

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Elaine’s Idaho Potato Soup

  Record-breaking amounts of snow and frigid temperatures mean it’s time for sweaters and jeans, a cozy fire in the fireplace, and a large pot of homemade potato soup. Here’s my favorite recipe. It serves a large family or two teenage boys.   6-8 Idaho Russet potatoes, cubed, (peeling is optional) 1 pound bulk spicy […]

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Do Not Start a Relationship in Winter

Winter arrived early like an unwanted relative and dumped record amounts of snow as if to announce, “Put away the jeweled flip-flops, Sweetheart, and grab a coat before you freeze your assets.” Because I’ve been around the block many times in all kinds of weather, I’m here to give unsolicited but helpful advice if you […]

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