Where Were the Good Songs of Summer?

guitar sand

  (Featured on The Huffington Post 50 on Sept. 1, 2015) Back when songs had creative lyrics and tunes were memorable, we turned up the volume on our record players and cassette tapes and sang along with the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. Most of the summer hits from our childhood are still popular today, and the melodies linger like old friends. … [Read more...]

A Message to My Son as He Prepares for College

elaine adam CHS

    (Featured on The Huffington Post Fifty, August 29, 2015) Dear Son, What do you mean you mailed a college application? Get back down on the floor and play with some Legos. Do you want me to make you a sandwich? Or, you can invite your friends over and we'll order pizzas. You can stay up all night, if you want. I'll just go cry in my room, but don't … [Read more...]

When Living Large isn’t a Compliment

  (Featuring on The Huffington Post, August 27, 2015) It started as a fun golf game with another couple we enjoy. It ended with me wanting to stab myself with a knife. Life is like that sometimes. We finished our round with a good score and returned to the club house for dinner. As we waited for the food, the man casually mentioned that his wife and my husband … [Read more...]

For Peace and Clarity, Go Hang a Banana

Wire mesh basket of bananas apples and oranges hanging from street vendor truck on sidewalk showing healthy eating snacks

(Featured on The Huffington Post Fifty on August 18, 2015.) The world is smoldering toward catastrophic self-destruction, so it's only sensible that I take a brief moment of clarity to offer this lovely tidbit of advice before the final tragic calamity ignites the end of civilization. If you want to appreciate form and function, escape chaos and crisis, and experience … [Read more...]

It’s That Hysterical Time of the Month

aunt flo 1

  It didn’t take 28 days for the political circus to get bloody awful. Two days after a televised debate, a male candidate insulted a feisty female news reporter by subtly remarking that she must be on her period. If our Founding Fathers had foreseen such ugly stains on their fertile new country, they would have grabbed the first protective vessel back to the motherland … [Read more...]