Once Upon a Time: The Stories that Surround Us

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(Featured on NanaHood.com 10/1/2015) Recently I was playing with a gaggle of giggling granddaughters. We were telling stories, and they squealed with delight at each silly suggestion in our creative plot as “Once upon a time….” encouraged them to imagine without restriction. “And then the princess turned into a beautiful butterfly.” “She waved her magic wand and poof! … [Read more...]

Need a Cheap Laugh?

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The world can be a horrible, nasty, rotten place. You can get away from it all and have some giggles with this e-book on sale for only $.99. Drinking with Dead Women Writers E-Book by fearless authors Elaine Ambrose and AK Turner is on sale on Amazon.com for one week beginning October 2. The original price was $2.99, so act fast because the deal ends next Friday. The book … [Read more...]

Don’t Name the Shooter


Eric Harris. Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza. James Holmes. They’re famous. Google their names and instantly retrieve pages of references, links, and related articles. Their victims don’t have the same prominence. They’re dead and gone. In my opinion, it’s time for the media and law enforcement officials to agree not to name the alleged or convicted shooters involved in mass … [Read more...]

Help Stop Wimpy Parent Syndrome

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(Featured on The Huffington  Post Comedy page Sept. 29, 2015) I've been embarrassing my children for more than 30 years. They now are happy young adults with loving spouses, adorable children and rewarding careers. Obviously, my strategy worked. Throughout their childhood, I didn't worry about harming their delicate self-esteem. Nor did I hover over their every action, … [Read more...]

Elaine’s Idaho Potato Soup

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My cousin Ron Ambrose gave me some organic potatoes that he grew on land in southern Idaho that had never been farmed. They taste delicious, and I’m on the waiting list for more next fall. I grew up on a potato farm and worked on the harvesters in the fall. I love the tubers baked, mashed, boiled, fried, in casseroles, and in soups. My Idaho potato soup recipe that has been … [Read more...]