TV is Not for the Timid Copy or click on the link above to view my interview on Idaho Living. I discuss serious topics such as middle-age angst, growing hair on toes, and why wine is a good preservative.    

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Next Speech: Using Humor in Business Presentations

eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Luncheon Thursday, October 09 Courtyard Marriott, Meridian, ID How Humor Works in Business Presentations Tedious meetings and boring presentations can destroy motivation, irritate attendees, and lose the message unless the speaker incorporates effective humor to engage the audience and communicate the facts. At this powerful event you’ll learn: How to develop dynamic, […]

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Friends and Wine get Better with Age

I recently attended a garden party with a dozen feisty middle-aged women. We all once worked for Boise Cascade Corporation, and as our lives have evolved, most of us are still jumping in and out of hot water when we should be lolling around at a fancy resort sipping fine wine and receiving a massage […]

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How to Plan and Survive Your Midlife Birthday

  My most memorable childhood birthday could be a case study for why some people need therapy. My mother’s baby died during childbirth a few weeks before my 8th birthday, so my gift was a big doll with all the clothes that had been intended for my dead baby sister. There weren’t any inflated jumping […]

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Midlife Dating: That Hot Feeling Isn’t Always Menopause

Nothing screams “pathetic loser” more than being a middle-aged divorcee alone at a festive party where beautiful couples are trading sloppy kisses and giggling like demented clowns. There’s not enough spiked punch in the world to soften the pain of pretending it doesn’t matter. Many of us graze along the buffet table hoping the crunch […]

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Escape the Angst! Join us for a Writing and Wellness Retreat Oct. 3-5            Imagine a fun weekend in the mountains with other women who want to focus on fitness and writing while having fun! Retreat includes five meals, snacks, writing materials, cooking demonstrations, organized activities, workshops, accommodations, and free time. Certified fitness instructor and wellness coach Emily Nielsen and published author and syndicated blogger Elaine […]

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Celebrate the Empty Nest and Empty Plate

After decades of raising children and preparing them for the realities of the world, most middle-aged women are jubilant when their young adults are without a criminal record, gainfully employed, and off of the family nickel or teat. For us, the empty nest is a positive experience because our children are doing fine on their […]

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